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    CULINARY CBR. featuring Sal’s Paella Recipe

    C omfort food season – it has officially begun!

    One month into Winter and snap has been cold, icy this week as we drop into the below zero temps & so much snow falling on the Brindies. Winter definitely came early! There is one thing we know, as the temperature drops outside – we get excited for […]

  • Environment

    Let it Shine!

    W ay back in 2008 we started some big changes to our store with having 14 solar panels installed to help support our electricity supply.

    Our grocery store here in Cook has ALOT of output with our fridges and freezers to make sure everything stays at the perfect temp 24/7. It made perfect sense for us to […]

  • The Long Lunch

    Truffle Hunting with The Blue Frog Truffle Farm

    In the lead up to our second Long Lunch with The Cook Grocer, we are running a three part series on the wonderful collaboration that has been curated to bring you a wintery feast.

    This Long Lunch, on Saturday the 18th August, the aim is to provide something extraordinary for the senses and something truly luxurious. And […]