CULINARY CBR. featuring Danielle’s Gourmet Toasted Sandwich

A s the season begins to change, somewhat, in Canberra we are seeing more of you walking the dog, out at the oval (avoiding muddy patches) and in store, looking for ingredients for meals that are lighter, easy to cook so you can spend more time outdoors as the temperature rises.

We have been asking in store this month – “What is a meal you cook, when you are short on time?”

One that is effortless to make, delicious (even moorish) and is your go-to recipe that satisfies with each and every bite? We have had some delicious recipes shared with us on our socials from pasta dishes, sardines on toast, poached eggs & new season asparagus plus the fave ramen in store from Ramen Daddy CBR. We definitely agree some nights just need to be effortless!

Danielle Minney, our long time serving staff member,  shared with us her favourite effortless meal. It is on her go-to list of meals when the afternoon is filled with sport, seeing friends and you don’t want to spend hours cooking in the kitchen! We just had to share it with everyone!

Introducing Danielle’s gourmet Toasted Brie, Salami & Mushroom Sandwich.

It is so delicious, we have cooked it a few times now! Featuring a feast of fresh produce, including local Murrumbateman grown Portobello Mushroom by Majestic Mushrooms, Hungarian Salami from Barossa Fine Foods and a good quality Brie – we loved 3 Udders Brie from Tilba Real Dairy.

It is a Toastie lovers dream with gourmet options to make a regular grilled cheese, just that little bit fancy! Oozing fromage – need we say more!

Thank you so much to Danielle for sharing your delicious recipe with us and being part of our CULINARY CBR. local series. Be sure to share Danielle’s recipe with your family & friends and tag us in your recipe creations at home. You may even have another gourmet toastie to share with us – be sure to let us know.

And without further ado, here is the mouth watering recipe for our Spring 2022 edition of CULINARY CBR. 

This is our initiative to support & eat local with Canberra & Regional Producers (and our staff!). It will help you take the guesswork out of meal planning or last minute decisions – everything available IN STORE for you to join us on our CULINARY CBR. journey.

Enjoy – Your Gourmet Toastie awaits! 


Toasted Brie, Salami & Mushroom Sandwich Recipe

by Danielle Minney from The Cook Grocer


  • 2 slices of House Sourdough by Three Mills Bakery
  • 6 medium mushrooms
  • Quality oozy Brie
  • Nice salami
  • Nice handful of fresh Roquette
  • 15 grams butter
  • Canola Oil
  • Pinch garlic flakes
  • Pinch of thyme


  1. Begin with slicing your mushrooms (about 3-5mm thick, depending on your liking)
  2. Add butter, thyme and garlic to a slightly heated saucepan. Melt butter and add sliced mushrooms.
  3. Cook gently, until mushrooms colour begins to deepen and brown slightly.
  4. Add a good crack of pepper and turn mushrooms off the heat. Allow them to cool a little.
  5. While you are waiting for your mushrooms to cool, let’s prepare the rest.
  6. Slice your brie into 5mm slices (or thicker if you want EXTRA cheesiness).
  7. Make sure your roquette is washed and drained. Too much water left on the roquette will soak into your bread and none likes a soggy bread.
  8. I like to use Canola oil on my sandwich press as a lighter option but you can also spread butter on the sourdough.
  9. Spray the toaster press with canola oil or spread butter on the outside of your sourdough.
  10. Begin assembling your sandwich – bread down first, add your creamy brie, add slices of salami, add your cooked thyme & garlic mushrooms, top with roquette and then add the other slice of bread.
  11. Close your sandwich press and toast to your preferred liking. I love a golden brown crunch, particularly with the edges a bit darker then the centre and when you can start to see the Brie slightly oozing out the sides.
  12. Once cooked, transfer to your cutting board and slice in half. Then plate.

I love my toasted Sandwich nights with a flavoured sparkling mineral water.

Lunch or dinner this quick go meal, suits any time and any season. 



Big thank you to our Local Photographer Sally Witchalls for capturing and making Danielle’s delicious Gourmet Toastie recipe.